Since 2012, The Liturgy Nerd has been about this one thing:

LITURGY (from Gr. leitourgia, “work of the people”)
The service of God offered by the people of God in divine worship.
— Westminister Dictionary of Theological Terms

And, it's still about that thing, this "work of the people."  But, over these last five years things have expanded from being a place to share worship resources and stories of hospitality to becoming a place that shares encounters and transformations that can occur when church people look beyond the traditional.  

What happens when we begin to think of liturgy not just as something done on a Sunday morning in worship, but as a way of life for the people of God?  What ideas can we generate together, to do more good in the world, and build creative community?

You'll Still find Worship Resources here.

And more.

More stories of ministry on the margins.

More ways to motivate the church to get outside of our various boxes.

And something new:

Stories from Lay People and Pastors doing amazing things in churches old and new.

Liturgy is so much more that Sunday morning worship.  True liturgy happens in the day to day, when God's people work together to build stronger communities, serve those on the outside, and collaborate with their neighbors to do good.

Welcome to a blog.  Welcome to a community.  Welcome to a way of life.

Welcome to the new!