Liturgy Nerd Collaborators are asked to answer four simple questions, in their own words:

1. What is your ministry context?
2. Give us one idea  - a way that you were able to get people working together to do the work of God.
3. How did it work out?
4. What did you learn about yourself, your church, and how God works when people start working together?

What follows are essays, ministry stories, new points-of-view, all directed at growing our understanding of how God is at work in the world.

Give them a read.  Get a new idea.  Go do something new.

Amanda Hardeman, Director of Student Ministries at First Methodist Mansfield, TX, wrote this wonderful piece about The Landing.

Rev. Stephen Fife, pastor of FUMC Columbia, LA, wrote this piece on serving the Rural Church.

Marianne Brown-Trigg, Director of Student Ministries at FUMC Cleburne, TX, wrote this piece about local missioning