UMH Prayers

We Pray to Christ the King

Today is Saturday ... Which makes tomorrow Sunday.

What if we took a little bit of time today to get ready for tomorrow?  What if we took just a few minutes right now to pray, to prepare, to get ready to experience something amazing. 

Tomorrow is Christ the King Sunday - the last day of the Christian year before we enter that great in-between time known as Advent.

As many of us of given thanks this week and shared wonderful meals, let us give thanks today for our one true King and leader.

Christ the King

Almighty and everlasting God,
it is your will to restore all things to Christ,
    whom you have anointed priest for ever and ruler of creation.
Grant that all the people of the earth,
    no divided by the power of sin,
    may be united under the glorious and gentle rule of Jesus Christ,
who lives and reigns for ever and ever.  Amen.*
*UMH 721, from the Book of Common Prayer