For the Unity of the Church Universal


As I ponder what it means to be United Methodist in today’s world, I remind myself as often as possible that my flavor of the Church of Jesus isn’t the only one - or the only way.  While we subdivide ourselves in society, and in Christianity, into ever smaller and smaller groups, it’s important to remember that the Sabbath might God’s gift to humans, but it’s about God. 


”For the Unity of the Church Universal”

Most blessed and glorious Trinity,

three persons in One God: 

Teach us to worship and adore thee. 

And that we may adore thee, 

   that our worship may not be a mockery, 

make us to know that we are one in Christ, 

      as the Father is one with the Son, 

      as the Son is one with the Father. 

Forbid us to look upon sectarianism

   as if it were a destiny. 

Help us to regard it as rebellion against thee. 

Help us to see all distinctions more clearly

   in the light of thy everlasting love.  

Help us to recognize the truth of every effort

   to express something of that which passes knowledge.

Help us to feel and confess the feebleness of our own efforts. 

So may thy holy name embrace us more and more. 

So may all creatures in heaven and earth

   at last glorify thee throughout all the ages.  Amen. 

- Frederick Denison Maurice (1805-1972) 

Found in Stookey, This Day, 2004