Sermon Podcast: Finding Our Chill

Liturgy Nerd.jpg

On Sunday, 9/10/17, at FUMC Burleson we kicked off a new worship series - "... But I say unto you ...", where we'll be digging through some of the tougher passages from the Sermon on the Mount.  The Sermon on the Mount is a key ethical text for the church, and as our church is beginning to grow in the middle of a town that's exploding with new people, how we're called to follow Christ is ever more important.

I was given the opportunity to lead off the series with Matthew 5:21-26 where Jesus discusses anger.

 I'm a bit new at the whole podcasting thing and wasn't really prepared to record on Sunday.  This was recorded via my phone, on my chair on the chancel.  So, apologies for the background noise, but things seem to come through pretty clear!

Whatever you do, don't get mad about it.  I plan on doing more of this as we go.  Thank you for giving this a shot!