Monday, October 20, 2014

Good Reasons Why I Haven't Written Lately

Friends, ministers, nerds,

It's been a crazy few months!  This school year we made the decision to go full-time at Perkins.  Nine whole hours of big work.  Systematic theology, moral theology, and evangelism are on the menu this fall, with a Jan-term class on soteriology, followed up with more systematics, Old Testament, and maybe, I dunno a little world religions or preaching for a little flavor.

It all adds up to crazy town for my family, because, hey, I work full-time in pastoral ministry as well.  I'm not complaining, I'm certainly not the first person to do this, and we aren't the first family to go through it.  But we're trying to wrap things up - we see the light at the end of the tunnel, where all daddy has to do is ministry.

However, this isn't even the biggest thing that has kept me from writing at the pace I had been for so long in this space for nerds of liturgy.

This happened as well:

One of the best days ever.  That little girl being held by a happy judge?  She's officially ours, as of that blessed day.  Four months earlier than she had to be.  I've come to think of our short fifteen minutes in court as something very sacramental ... Other adoptive parents would probably feel the same.

I don't remember all of the questions our lawyer asked us under oath.  I remember her asking us that we knew we were waiving a six-month waiting period that was there for our protection as much as the child.  Yes, I said.  She's been ours since she was two minutes old (literally, the cord was cut and she was brought straight to us, kicking and screaming ... one of the best moments ever, ever, ever).  We were never going to give her back if we had a choice in the matter.

I remember her asking me, first, if I would love our daughter always and forever.  Covenantal language, if there ever was.  I answered in the affirmative, as well as other perfunctory questions.  Leanne also answered them.

It was so short and sweet,  And she was ours, for real, forever.  Little man has a little sister, and things couldn't be more beautiful and God-blessed.

Having two kids has dramatically changed our family ... In amazing ways.  But writing for fun has gone down the list to be sure.  Unless people want to start reading portions of my impending Credo for systematics?

Didn't think so!

However, because it's my favorite thing I get to do in ministry, I do have a couple of fun sermon series I'll be throwing out here for Advent/Christmas, and for Epiphany and the following Sundays.  Those will arrive here shortly, complete with graphics and worship helps for Advent.  It's always fun to share!

So, that's the news and I look forward to adding a little more here as I get a chance!

Grace and peace to you all, my fellow nerds!