Friday, June 28, 2013

Funny Friday: Quadruple Parking is a No-No

I can neither confirm nor deny in which parking lot I witnessed the presence of this note.  But for story-telling sake, I'll speak as if I saw this in the parking lot of my employer.  Ya dig?

It had to be the funniest occurrence of passive-aggressive note leaving I've ever witnessed.

Upon (maybe) leaving work and walking to my car, I passed this car windshield and did a double-take.  I not-so-subtly took out my phone to document the awesomeness.

I stood back from the car, and for sure this person was parked in four spaces.  Will they be more careful in the future?  I hope so.  This is the kind of thing I dream of doing myself.  I mean, what if we went through on Sunday morning and put fake parking tickets on the windshields of all of the members who take up the visitor parking?  Too much?  I dunno.

I just felt this was too good not to share.  Parking lot hospitality has been a sometimes topic here at, and I think this is a great example of a church parking situation that could use a little work.

I can say with honesty here as well, that this was not my car.

Just in case you were wondering.