Saturday, March 16, 2013

Give Up a Bad Habit for #Lent

This season of Lent, my congregation is taking on the study Give Up Something Bad for Lent by James W. Moore.  The focus of this Lenten study is very practical.  Rather than giving up stuff that you like (chocolate, cokes and the like), why not give up something that's actually causing a problem for you?  Why not give up something that's actually coming between you and the relationship God really wants to have with you?

This week of Lent we're looking at bad habits ... Are there habitual behaviors in your life that are holding you back?  God can give you the strength to overcome.  Let us pray these words from Reverend Moore:
Dear God, thank you for the many good habits we have that outnumber our bad habits.  Help us to replace the bad with the good.  Encourage us and help us to take positive action to make a positive change in behavior   Give us patience to go forward and help us when we fall.  Show us that we can give up bad habits with your help.  Amen.