Saturday, February 16, 2013

Give Up Something Bad for Lent

This season of Lent, my congregation is taking on the study Give Up Something Bad for Lent by James W. Moore.  This study gives us a very practical view of the season during which we don't just give up things that we like (chocolate, cokes, etc.), but we give up the things that are actually creating barriers between ourselves and the Lord.  We'll be attempting to give up judgmental attitudes, gathering enemies, bad habits, pettiness ... and any number of other things that can come between what we want and what the Lord wants for our lives.  At the close of each chapter, Rev. Moore offers a short prayer, and the prayer for this week is what I offer to you today:

Dear God, thank you for the season of Lent.  Remind us of the importance of preparing for and anticipating Easter.  Help us to use this season wisely as we make positive changes in our lives.  Amen.