Saturday, February 23, 2013

Give Up Harsh, Condemning Judgments for Lent

This season of Lent, my congregation is taking on the study Give Up Something Bad for Lent by James W. Moore.  The focus of this Lenten study is very practical.  Rather than giving up stuff that you like (chocolate, cokes and the like), why not give up something that's actually causing a problem for you?  Why not give up something that's actually coming between you and the relationship God really wants to have with you?

This week's study is focused on giving up judging others, remembering that judgement truly belongs to God.  Rev. Moore's scripture reference for the week is Matthew 7:1-5, when Jesus points out the fact that we often worry about the speck in another's eye, when in fact it's the plank in our own that needs to be dealt with.  The chapter closes with this prayer, and I offer it to help us prepare for our worship on Sunday morning:
Dear God, thank you for reminding us about the dangers of rumors and gossip.  Help us to refrain from judgment and explain the actions of others in the kindest way.  May we treat others the way we wish to be treated.  Amen.