Monday, December 17, 2012

God Weeps

In the wake of the tragedy in Connecticut, this hymn has been speaking to me. 

How does God feel in the aftermath of such tragedies?  If we look at the Gospel, at Christ's ever-repeated directions towards caring for one another - God Weeps, by Shirly Erena Murray may give us a glimpse.  The tune used in The Faith We Sing was composed by Carlton R. Young, HIROSHIMA, was inspired by a visit to the Hiroshima memorial site.

God weeps
                   at love withheld,
                   at strength misused,
                   at children's innocence abused,
and till we change the way we love,
                                                              God weeps.

God bleeds
                   at anger's fist,
                   at trust betrayed,
                   at women battered and afraid,
and till we change the way we win,
                                                              God bleeds.

God cries
                   at hungry mouths,
                   at running sores,
                   at creatures dying without cause,
and till we change the way we care,
                                                              God cries.

God waits   
                   for stones to melt,
                   for peace to seed,
                   for hearts to hold each other's need,
and till we understand the Christ,
                                                              God waits.