Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A Prayer for Our Country

On this day, I do give thanks for my country.  My family and I are so blessed to live here and do ministry here.  But we all know it's not perfect, and neither is any other country on God's earth.

But what is God's calling in a nation?  The same one that Christ put upon on his students, and then us, some 2,000 years ago - to love neighbor as one's own self.

We lifted up this prayer in worship on Sunday from the United Methodist Book of Worship, not just for our country, but for all peoples of the world:

Almighty God, you rule all the peoples of the earth.
Inspire the minds of all women and men to who you have committed the responsibility of government and leadership in the nations of the world.
Give to them the vision of truth and justice, that by their counsel all nations and peoples may work together.
Give to the people of our country zeal for justice and strength of forbearance, that we may use our liberty in accordance with your gracious will.
Forgive our shortcomings as a nation; purify our hearts to see and love the truth.
We pray all these things through Jesus Christ.  Amen.